London's Home To Outsiders

As London's first mental health art gallery the Outsider Gallery offers the opportunity for those who are often on the "outside" to experience being on the "inside" - shifting their perspective, and the perspective of them, from "outsider" to "insider" - through creativity and performance. Through art, film and music those who have experienced significant emotional distress and perform their creativity for themselves, for their peers and for the wider public through engagement with the Outsider Gallery and their involvement in the C.R.E.W project.

C.R.E.W - Creativity for Recovery Enabling Wellbeing

Is an innovative project that uses creativity and live performance to reinforce recovery, promote peer support and enhance wellbeing. Working alongside people who have experienced mental health difficulties through media - music, art and film - the project builds self confidence and self belief. 

Through performance and presentation, the Outsider Gallery enable peer support, recognition and appreciation, moving away from the sense of isolation and alienation experienced by many with significant mental health needs and allowing participants to feel connected and develop a sense of belonging. 

Changing Perceptions - A shift in gaze

CREW provides the environmental for change in perception, a shift in gaze, experienced by both the participants as well as professionals, carers and public involved and engaging with this project. Artists and performers are celebrated according to their talents ( their work) and abilities rather than being defined by their diagnosis.

Clarendon road, London, N8 0DJ

Monday - Friday || Appointment only